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  ENDO UROLOGY - Cystoscopy Set

Product Code : PHT-600
Including of Cystoscope 4mm, 30degree, Sheath, Bridge & Biospy Forcep. This set is used for diagnostic, stone removal & biopsy. This cystoscope 4mm, 30degree will be common for hysteroscopy as well as for TURP set. This is basic set other accessories are also available.

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Endoscopy Mobile Unit Operative

White balance on head.
Natural colour resolution.
Depth colour sensitivity.
Light weight, user friendly.

Helogen Light Source twin bulb 250 Watt

250 watt twin bulb.
Auto stabilizer for constant voltage.
Heat filter for cold light.
Aluminum body to absorb heat and for long life.
We can also produce the light source of 150 watt, S.M.P.S., single bulb compact depend on customer specific requirement on order on his brand or name.
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